Auto Accident Lawyer Chicago

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Auto Accident Lawyer Chicago

An Auto Accident Lawyer in Chicago Can Help You Recover

In the wake of a devastating automobile accident, the last thing on your mind is commencing a lawsuit and meeting with Auto Accident Lawyer Chicago – and we understand that. Nonetheless, working with an car accident lawyer can significantly increase your chances of obtaining the compensation you deserve, which can be used for medical bills, restoration of property damage or as reimbursement for lost wages. If you suffered substantial, life-altering damages as a result of your accident, you may be eligible for additional damages to account for your pain and suffering or emotional turmoil.

Who Can Be A Plaintiff?

A plaintiff can be anyone who suffered harm because of the defendant’s actions. Usually, the plaintiff is a person directly affected either emotionally or physically by the incident. But the plaintiff can also be a bystander or a relative of one of the injured parties.

When people die or become incapacitated because of their injuries, their estate, their guardian, or their close family members can sue on their behalf. And in some cases, the plaintiff’s insurance company can take over the suit.

While any number of individuals or organizations could be a plaintiff, what they all must have in common is that they were negatively affected by the defendant’s actions and are now seeking compensation.

Who Can Be A Defendant?

The defendant is usually the person who injured the plaintiff. But in cases where the original defendant dies, his or her estate might become the defendant. In other cases, the defendant’s insurance company might take over.

Whether the defendant is an individual, a corporation, or a government entity will significantly influence trial strategy. Specifically, if the defendant is a government entity, the plaintiff might run into issues of sovereign liability, a defense the government can use to avoid liability in personal injury cases.

If the defendant was working when he or she injured the plaintiff, it could be possible to hold the defendant’s employer liable for the damages. For example, if a UPS delivery truck hits your car, you would sue UPS for the damages as opposed to the delivery driver. Similarly, if the defendant is self-employed and injures you while performing a business function, you could hold the defendant’s business liable.

Often times, plaintiffs will try to show that the actions of several individuals or entities contributed to their injuries. For example, the victim of an automobile accident might sue the manufacturer of her vehicle in addition to other drivers, if she believes the car’s design failed to protect her adequately. In this case, the defendants might include one or more drivers, their employers, and an automobile manufacturer.

Contact an Auto Accident Lawyer Chicago Today

Chicago Accident Attorney can assist you if you are interested in pursuing a personal injury lawsuit following your auto accident. Call the car accident attorney office today at 1-773-980-7569 (temp number).

Truck Accident Lawyer Chicago

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Truck Accident Lawyer Chicago

Truck Accident Lawyer Chicago Helping Truck Accident Victims

There are few experiences in life as harrowing as coming face-to-face with a big rig tractor trailer as it barrels down the highway toward your vehicle. For accident victims involved in big rig accidents, the recovery period and medical expenses can be much greater than those caused by a single-vehicle crash. If you recently endured an accident involving a tractor trailer, you may be able to recover under legal theories not generally applicable to a typical vehicle collision case. Your Chicago Truck Accident Lawyer can explain further the effect of vicarious liability and respondeat superior upon an accident involving a commercial tractor trailer and how these legal theories can significantly increase your likelihood of recovering a fair and adequate amount for your injuries.

What Is Vicarious Liability?

The concept of vicarious liability emerged when courts began concluding that employers should be held responsible for misconduct of their employees which causes injuries to a third party. In the context of your tractor trailer accident, this could mean that you have access to the deeper pockets of the trucking company the employs the driver involved in the crash. As Chicago Truck Accident Lawyer will tell you, however, there are a few factors that must be present at the time of the incident in order for this doctrine to apply.

First, the accident must have occurred within the scope of the driver’s employment. This means that the driver must have been “on-duty,” on an assigned route and performing work-related tasks. If, at the time of the crash, the driver was engaged in a non-work related activity or driving somewhere not in furtherance of work-related assignments, the employer is likely not responsible for injuries caused by that driver.

Along this analysis, the court will turn to whether the driver’s actions at the time of the crash, while apparently within the scope of employment, were actually authorized by a superior. For instance, if a driver is instructed to suspend driving for the night due to inclement weather, but decides to continue hauling the load, the plaintiff may not be able to recover from the employer in this scenario as the driver’s actions were not authorized.

Contact Experienced Chicago Truck Accident Lawyer Today

Truck Accident Lawyer Chicago can assist you if you are interested in pursuing a personal injury lawsuit following your auto accident. Call the office today at 1-773-980-7569 (temp number).

City Life

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City Life

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Immigration Lawyer Chicago

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Immigration Lawyer Chicago

Immigration Lawyer Chicago

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